I (heart) Turkey!

Thankfully I didn’t have to miss my favorite American holiday! About 15 people from OTZMA got together in Kiryat Gat, another partnership city like Kiryat Malachi, to eat turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and other yummy thanksgiving food. We gathered for the first time since splitting up for the second track. People came from all over the country; from way up north and from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and us from 15 minutes away. We actually couldn’t even get on the bus. While we were waiting at the stop, a bus pulled up that was jammed packed. In Israel, bus drivers don’t stop filling the bus when all the seats are full, instead people pack in the aisle so they are standing or sitting there the whole ride. Well, this bus had some people standing already when it came to our stop, and than only let in like 3 people before the driver shut the door in some poor girl’s face! As the bus pulled away, things were looking grim for our thanksgiving travels.

Since there wasn’t a sherut in sight, we had to get a cab to Kiryat Gat. We packed the car so it really wasn’t that expensive. About five dollars per person. During the cab ride, the driver turns on the light and takes the money we gave him and starts to explain (while lacking to look at the very curvy, busy road and while driving very fast) how to tell if bills and coins are counterfeit. It’s actually neat to look at the bills, there is a triangle on one side that turns into a Star of David when looked at in the light, the face on the money is made up of little tiny Hebrew letters, and some other things. Cab drivers here are so unreal, from making sure we don’t take counterfeit money, to marrying their sons, to getting invited to shabbas dinner, it’s always something weird!

Anyways we arrive and it was so much fun. Everyone made awesome food. My salad was of course super gourmet – candied pecans with garlic infused balsamic dressing and fresh cut strawberries. I also got to carve the turkey!

It was really nice to see so many people from our group, since we really haven’t been separated since we met 3 months ago. We all told stories of our beginning adventures and of course went around the room saying what we were thankful for. We also told our favorite/ funny thanksgiving memories. Since most of the crew are born camp counsels, we always organize activities in our off time as well, which really cracks me up! And yes Steve, I told the story of mono and showing up mostly dead at your mother’s front door.

The whole evening was very nice and I am still full today, a day later. Next week I will post more with adventures of the weeks volunteering. I have internet here so there will be plenty of posts in the future! Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh man, I remember when you had mono. That's when I came to Eugene for Thanksgiving. You were dog sick and I only got to see you like once. Then you called me when I came back to AK to tell me you had mono and I was convinced I had it, but I went and got tested and I was fine.
This summer, when my friend Jenny came back from school she had mono and then I got super duper sick and I was convinced I had it, but it turned out to be strepp!

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