A New Town And Home

As we grow accustomed to our new surroundings, Kiryat Malachi is becoming more and more like home. In our apartment I have five roommates and so much space. With a living room and dining room, the ambiance is much more home-like than Be’er Sheva was. It looks like I’ll be volunteering with high school and elementary school students in the morning and with an Ethiopian after school programs after that.

Malachi is an interesting town. We are located right next to a military base and keep hearing planes take off. Up in Northern Israel, there have been some attacks from Lebanon and these same planes that are going up there to deal with the trouble. Hearing them all the time is really a bit scary, but at least I’m nowhere near the violence. Malachi has a quite zen feel to it. There is a market every Monday where we can buy all our vegetables. Underneath our apartment complex are a bunch of stores, like a knitting store, clothing store, and small grocery. The group of us have taken up making scarves as an evening activity since the town is not big enough to even have a movie theater. This weekend we are going to be given host families right in town for Shabbat dinner and so I am really excited to be welcomed into a home in town this weekend. Not much else to report as of now, but we do have internet here so more to come!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

God, that sounds so cool Jess! What's the knitting store like? Is the yarn different? You should knit me something with Israeli yarn. I finally finished my work before the Thanksgiving break so I can actually work on your hat and send it off, I promise.

Love ya,

11:33 PM  
Anonymous Michael Mauer said...

Happy Thanksgiving from the Laufer's house. We miss you.

Mike, Mom, Dad, Brian, Justin, Jeremy, Erik, Joe, Ellen, Sam, Brian, Amy, Marcus, and everyone else.

4:41 AM  

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